When selling a product, its design is one of the most important aspects of its marketability. However, just as important, if not more so, is making sure that your product and your consumers’ shopping experience is memorable – and one excellent way to do this is with brilliantly designed shopping bags like these.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the common “Thank You, Come Again” plastic bag, but it won’t make you stand out from a crowd. With ingenious bags like these, not only will your customers remember their shopping experience, the people that spot their shopping bags in the street will also be intrigued. Or, if you don’t feel the need to make an impression, those bags can be offered as creative advertisement space to other brands. In fact, there’s already a term coined for that – it’s called “bagvertising.”

Other bags from this list are reusable, so whether they have a brand advertisement or simply a cool and clever design, they are a lot more fun to carry around – and they don’t go to waste. While a few of these are simply exercises done by designers to show off their chops (those are the ones without specific brands related to them), others seem to have actually been implemented.

What do you think – are these bags memorable?


ساک دستی دورنگ بغل پاکتی کاست دار عطف دار

2. YKM: Jump Rope Bag

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Istanbul

3. ASPE Crime Stories: Revolver Bag


4. Buddies: Pet On A Leash Shopping Bag


5. San Li Tun Village: Let’s Play XXL Bag

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Shanghai, China

6. City Harvest: Empty Stomach Bag


7. ReVital: Noose Bag

Designed by: Antje Gerwien, from the University of Weimar

8. Max Factor: Eyelash Bag

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt

9. LG: Laundry Machine Bag

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE

10. Tom of Finland: Crotch Bag


11. Volkswagen: Golf GTI Bag

Advertising Agency: Agence V, Paris, France

12. Astrid & Therese: Wine Bag

Image credits: astridentherese.nl

13. Bird Bag


14. Stop’n Grow Bags

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin

15. Wheaties: 6-Pack Bag


Advertising Agency: unknown

16. Sheep’s Wool Shopping Bag

Designer: Sarah Fløe Stenberg

17. GNC Burn 60: Slim Waist Bag

Advertising Agency: DDB DM9JaymeSyfu, Manila, Philippines

18. Kong: Shoelace Bag

Advertising Agency: Rave Communications, Birmingham, UK

19. Lipton Clear Green Tea : Tea Bag

Advertising Agency: DDB Integrated, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

20. Fitness Company: Dumbell Bag

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt, Germany

21. Greenpeace: Animal Hand (or paw) Bag

Advertising Agency: dentsu, Beijing, China

22. Gnome Bread Bag


23. Dubai Autism Center: Helping Hand Bag

Art Director: Yosef Khouwes

24. Carlsberg Shumensko Beer: Crate Bag

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Europe

25. Kiyan Dane Pars: Knowledge Makes The Difference Bag


26. Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA): Plastic Bags Kill

Advertising Agency: BBDO Malaysia, MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur / Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

27. Yarn Ball Bag

28. Panadol: Headache Bag

29. Karl Lagerfeld: Goggle Bag


30. The Edinburgh Dungeon: Cannibal of Scotland Bag

ساک دستی بغل پاکتی

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه چاپ سیلک مدل T1400

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه چاپ سیلک رومیزی مدل M400

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه چاپ سیلک مدل نوارنقاله ای N1200

 ** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه چاپ سیلک مدل W400

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه خشک کن برقی چاپ سیلک مدل A50

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه خشک کن گازی ریلی مدل G700

**دانلود فیلم دستگاه نواربر اتوماتیک تیغه گرد

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه نواربر اتوماتیک تیغه کاتری

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه دایکات پینگ پنگی

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه پرفراژ و برش پارچه (قد زن)

** دانلود فیلم  دستگاه برش سینگل




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